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A Lifetime of Savings

Everytime you spend money, we save you money

There are over 350,000 merchants in the program today, some offering up to 80% savings. This includes over 1200 national brands. Our Website is live in real time, updated every 24 hours. At any given time we have over 400,000 weeks of luxury Condominium, Villa, & private home inventory for our members to enjoy starting as low as $118.00 for the entire week.

Our state of the art systeml utilizes a message push technology that will inform members of participating businesses as they are traveling through the area those businesses are located in. So imagine, visitors are driving through Seattle and automatically receiving a message that a business is offering a discount for a product or services in that area.

We provide an opportunity to make services and savings programs visible to a growing number of consumers. Statistics America projects Seattle for example to grow by 406,000 additional people by 2021. With the right personal financial or business plan, you can capitalize on this tremendously high growth rate for increased business opportunities and Savings.

American Savings Network is a strategy that will definitely surpass your return on investment. Our role, is helping you to capitalize on the savings and discounts available in todays economy. We will be regularly informing people that American Savings Network is out there and available to save them money for both everyday and special purchases.

The participating merchants receive a dedicated web site with a list of store locations, map links and direct links to their web site. The system gives businesses the flexibility to instantly change discount offers whenever they choose so that special limited times offers can be published immediately, therefore, reducing business marketing costs through other media, providing consumers with the maximum savings!!!

We invite you to browse the American Savings Network web site and see the impressive array of merchant categories and participating merchants available to our growing consumer base. View the “Advanced Search” under the “Savings” tab to see how your information would be presented to the consumer. Please keep in mind that, as a merchant member, you automatically have a consumer membership which allows you to take advantage of the savings as well.

It's a Win-Win for Everybody!

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